Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In the fog

Do you see beautiful and slender birds here in the fog? They are cranes, living near our home.
Photographed by Erik on a foggy morning, June 2010, Harju county

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Erik's work (2)

In our garden, Erik has finished the new fireplace. Now, we are waiting for the new garden furniture (with a roof) to arrive which should come next week. Then, we are ready for cosy summer outside parties! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


The weatherman blessed us with such beautiful days during Midsummer celebrations (everyone is waiting for the forecast during Midsummer as much as during Christmas (when we hope snow), because Midsummer parties are outside parties and the rain and windy, stormy or cold weather would ruin it totally). This year, we had a quiet celebration and couldn't go to Muhu island. Luckily here, in Kiia village, we had a village bonfire with a party, where we went for a short time, too. Most of the time we spent the evening with our neighbours, quietly. And on Midsummer Day, my brother's family visited us. It was good to see my niece Lisanne again!
Photo: During Midsummer, we always have the national flag up.

Photo: In the village party, we had a snake-dancer!

Photo: Our small bonfire with neighbours

Photo: Our neighbour-boy Glen celebrating Midsummer

Photo: My brother and my niece Lisanne visiting us during Midsummer Day

Photo: My brother and Lisanne

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Erik's work

During this Spring, we have planned and done some work at home (inside and outside) again. Recently, Erik has made two different spaces to keep things which we do not want to lay around all the time.
One of the cupboard he built to our sauna rest-room (where we also keep house-keeping things) which took quite a lot of time, but finally, it is ready and looks as this (the right photo is the finised status):
In the next photo, you can see the shelves what Erik made to our bedroom. We had a free space in one corner and for a long time, I've thought it's a good place to keep some things - either clothes, baby stuff, cosmetics, etc; because I do not use this corner for anything. I think it looks quite good and we have again more space where to put away the things which shouldn't be out all the time!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First roses

About a week ago, the first roses in my garden started to bloom. I was surprised by this, because I was sure I won't see any rose blossoms before July (due to a cold June we have had). But two of the plants have shown me their blossoms and that makes me very happy! All others, are still waiting...
The first rose to bloom is without a name. I did buy it with a name - Ilse Krohn Superior - but the truth is, that the garden shop sold me something else. I know exactly how the blossoms of Ilse Krohn Superior look like, and those are not definitely its blossoms... So this is the only rose in my garden "without a name":
The second rose is a park-rose called "Guna", it comes from Latvia and in my opinion, is very beautiful:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fox babies are out

Foxes are having their cute little babies again! :) I'm not able to photograph them this year, but Erik paid a visit to them a few evenings ago and here's one of his photos.
June 2010, Harju county

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spring in our garden - primroses

The time of blooming primroses has passed by - most of them bloom in the end of April and the whole month of May, and some finish in the beginning of June. In my garden, there are 7 types of primroses:
1. Drumstick primroses "Alba" and "Rubin" (kerapriimula, Primula denticulata)
2. Primula vulcaris (varretu priimula)
3. Primula cortusoides "Primadiente" (kortuuspriimula
4. Bird's eye primrose (pääsusilm, Primula farinosa)
5. Primula juliae "Sneeuwwitje" (juulia priimula)
6. Primula rosea (roosa priimula)
7. Japanese primrose (jaapani priimula, Primula japonica)
I can add photos only for the first 5, since the Primula rosea didn't bloom this year and the Japanese primrose I purchased just this Spring and the blossoms were too little to get a good picture.
The rest are here:




Wednesday, June 9, 2010

10 years of friendship with Eda

In June 1, 2010 I and my dear friend Eda celebrated our 10-years-of-friendship anniversary. For this occasion, we met in a restaurant to have a dinner together and talk about the wonderful friendship years we have had since Millenium. Eda had made the most lovely gift for me - a small scrapbook where 10 years of our friendship unfolds and which is a good memory to look back... THANK YOU, EDA!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spring in our garden - Tulips

It's time to give overview of my gardening hobby again. I can't believe it's June already - the first summer month. But let me watch back, to the Spring - when the days got longer, sunnier and warmer, and more and more Spring flowers came out from the ground and started to bloom. It's always the most special time in the year - to see colours in your garden... Last Autumn, I put quite many new tulip bulbs to the ground. They have bloomed nicely during this Spring, and this post is therefore dedicated to the tulips. I must say that I do not know the names of most of the tulips which were in my garden before 2009 - I just didn't write down the names... and some bulbs I bought from different markets which weren't labelled. But anyway, they look nice, don't they?

The very first bloomers among tulips on my garden are those 2 small tulips - red and white-red tulips - which names are unknown to me. But they make the early Spring very special:

The next bloomer is this yellow-red tulip, which I've bought from a fair and don't know the name either. All these 3 tulips grow in the south part of my garden and this is also one of the reason, why they bloom the first - they get a lot of Spring sun:

These tulips are the most expensive tulips in my garden, which I've ordered through post. They are called "Akebono" double-tulips and bloom a few weeks later than those shown above:
I love the colour of those tulips, which make a very nice composition with the nut-tree Contorta. The tulips are called triumph tulips "Pulse":

Tulip called "Pink Impression":

These are double-tulips called "Monsella":

Just a small star-like tulip, which I've got I-don't-know-where, but which is nice anyway:

The red-white tulips which bloom late, but are the oldest tulips in my garden and look very nice:
The darkest tulip in my garden, "Queen of Night":
One of my favourite tulips, double-tulip "Drumline", blooms actually right now they most beautifully (the photo is a few weeks old):
I'm not sure the name of this tulip, but it blooms right now as well:
The white tulip called "Weisse Berliner":
Another tulips which name I do not know, but which has been in my garden as long as I remember:
Tulip called "Portofino":