Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First roses

About a week ago, the first roses in my garden started to bloom. I was surprised by this, because I was sure I won't see any rose blossoms before July (due to a cold June we have had). But two of the plants have shown me their blossoms and that makes me very happy! All others, are still waiting...
The first rose to bloom is without a name. I did buy it with a name - Ilse Krohn Superior - but the truth is, that the garden shop sold me something else. I know exactly how the blossoms of Ilse Krohn Superior look like, and those are not definitely its blossoms... So this is the only rose in my garden "without a name":
The second rose is a park-rose called "Guna", it comes from Latvia and in my opinion, is very beautiful:


Elin said...

vau...mul läheb veel natuke aega, aga mõned õienupud on juba päris suured, seega vast mitte väga kaua :)

Karin said...

Ma ise ka imestasin, et juba nii ruttu õied mõnel lahti! Ju varajased õitsejad... Ülejäänutel on ka paljutel nupud üsna suured, aga veel ei õitse. Kui nüüd tuleb sooja ja päikesepaistet, siis kaua enam ei lähe! :)