Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer-end party

The last weekend before school starts again (which marks the start of Autumn, too - at least for the families who have schoolkids), we managed to go to Pille's place. It's a yearly tradition for some years now, but last August, we weren't able to do it because of our newborn triplets.
This time, we went there just two us - Erik and I. We have been out and travelling with the boys so much during the summer, that we decided we wanted to have one trip to friends, where we do not need to look after the kids, but just enjoy the party and take part of the sportsgames which are usually organized at Pille's place. Erik's mom looked after the kids and we could go! :)
As always, there were loads of delicious food and nice talks with our friends. The sports games weren't so active this time - only men drew the longbow and shot the target; for women it was moto-sports in schedule, but after 2 trial drives (by me and Pille), we decided it was too dangerous for us and this was cancelled. Maybe next year, we need to pick up safer sports again!
It was a lovely Saturday out in Käbiküla and hopefully, we all meet again... after some weeks already.
Some of the guests + Pille's family in front of Pille's house:

Our dinner with delicious food, wine and beer:

Marju, her son Märten and Pille's daughter Marit:

I managed to complete one circle with the motor-cycle and stayed on it till the end:

Men shooting:

Pille's new dog Peits (I think his name is written "Bates"):

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

At the doctor's

Today, we visited the doctor to see how the boys have grown and developed.
And here are the results at the age of 1:

RALF - 9940 gramms and 78.5 cm
FRED - 9480 gramms and 79.5 cm
STEN - 9420 gramms and 79.5 cm
Everything was fine with them, they got the vaccine shot and also the blood was taken, which meant quite angry boys in the end... but they were all happy when we were back at home.
Right now, we try to change the daily routine for the boys. With triplets, routine - similar day by day - is crucial. When you change something, you need to change it for all the boys: all 3 have to be ready for the change. So right now, I'm trying to see if they are ready to sleep 1 day-nap instead of 2. And it seems Sten is not completely ready for it, yet, especially when he wakes up early.

I have a choice now:

1. Keeping all the boys in 2 day-naps shedule and have some free time for my own during the day or
2. Keeping only Sten in 2 day-naps and Fred+Ralf in 1 day-nap shedule and have absolutely NO time for myself, because there's always someone awake...
Obviously, I choose alternative 1, until Sten is ready, too.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The very First Birthday!

On Thursday, August 4, RALF-FRED-STEN turned 1!
Yes, first BIG birthday arrived... Of course the boys didn't get a clue what's going on (except a lot of guests all day long), but for me, it was an important date: I realized that we have really survived the 1st year with triplets; I'm still alive, I'm still relatively normal and even have quite a good mood (most of the time). Wow! I have to say I'm proud of myself, Erik and Kert.
Looking back - no, I wouldn't want to repeat it. I'll be more than satisfied if those boys will be my last set of triplets. I wouldn't want to go through it again, especially the first six months, when it always felt like I'm functioning at the edge of human limits. On the other hand, in a million years, I wouldn't imagine life without those cute little boys! They are truly wonderful, I just can't stop thinking how lucky I am that they came to our family and that I'm their mommy. When I look at them, all the hard times are forgotten...
The boys had loads of guests for their 1st birthday party and I think everyone had fun. It was good to see all our relatives, friends, small kids... and we were blessed with absolutely wonderful weather in August 4!
Now, for the next birthday, "only" 1 year to wait... and then our boys will have their terrible twos! :)

*PS - the teeth-growing has progressed a lot within the last month. Sten, who was having 0 teeth at the age of 11 months, ended up leading when the boys turned 1! He has 4 teeth now! Fred, who had the first 2 teeth early, is now in the last place, having only those 2 also at the age of 1. Ralf, is in the middle, with 3 teeth. :)*

Some photos from the birthday party:

In the morning, we had small kids with their mommies visiting the boys. There were Marju and Märten, Aune and Glen, Birgit and Kaspar, Merje and Melissa:
In this photo, you can see 5 children, who were born premature (we all met in the NICU unit of birth hospital, all born on 32nd week of pregnancy), all of them are now healthy 1-year-old boys and girls:
Some of our "mid-day" guests (who luckily stayed also for the afternoon party) - our Nanny's daughters Matilde and Emmeline, I and Fred, Eda with her sons Mihkel and Märt:
THE BIRTHDAY CAKE (made by daddy):
Starting to sing for the boys "Happy Birthday" song:
Now, we prepare for blowing off the 1st candle on the cake, the boys are with grandma (Sten), uncle Martin (Fred) and daddy (Ralf):
Boys on the swing:
Grandparents with grandchildren:
Party place - our garden (as you see - perfect weather):