Tuesday, August 16, 2011

At the doctor's

Today, we visited the doctor to see how the boys have grown and developed.
And here are the results at the age of 1:

RALF - 9940 gramms and 78.5 cm
FRED - 9480 gramms and 79.5 cm
STEN - 9420 gramms and 79.5 cm
Everything was fine with them, they got the vaccine shot and also the blood was taken, which meant quite angry boys in the end... but they were all happy when we were back at home.
Right now, we try to change the daily routine for the boys. With triplets, routine - similar day by day - is crucial. When you change something, you need to change it for all the boys: all 3 have to be ready for the change. So right now, I'm trying to see if they are ready to sleep 1 day-nap instead of 2. And it seems Sten is not completely ready for it, yet, especially when he wakes up early.

I have a choice now:

1. Keeping all the boys in 2 day-naps shedule and have some free time for my own during the day or
2. Keeping only Sten in 2 day-naps and Fred+Ralf in 1 day-nap shedule and have absolutely NO time for myself, because there's always someone awake...
Obviously, I choose alternative 1, until Sten is ready, too.


M said...

Proovi algul varianti 2. Kui ebaõnnestub, siis mine 1 peale tagasi. Enda kogemus- 1-aastaselt ei olnud veel kõik valmis, 1a 2kuuselt juba olid. Ja muidugi peavad kõik järgima ühtset reziimi, muidu võib ju hulluks minna:)

M said...

Oi, ma ei lugenud korralikult! Mõtlesin variant 2 all seda, et proovid korra kõik 1 korra peale viia- ja kui ebaõnnestub, siis jätate ikka kahega veel veidi. Varsti on nad valmis niikuinii!

Karin said...

Aitäh, Maris, seda ma katsungi teha! :) Tuleb varuda veidi kannatust, onju!

Maarja said...

Ma ei saa omasid veel niikaugelegi, et nad 3 une asemel 2 magaksid. Pean vist kõvemini proovima ;)