Monday, January 21, 2008

2008 - International Year of the Potatoe

2008 has arrived in Estonia like in every other country in the world (except in Chinese Astrology). We had a small party at home with our friends. It was lots of fun with delicious food, many funny games, and in midnight... snowflakes :).
Our party has started - welcome drink! Kristi, Eve, Ragnar, Karin, Erik and Sven.And now - the dinner is ready.
Dinner is ready, too!
Afterwards we played some games...

And watched TV...

And then, 2008 arrived! We went outside to greet the New Year with a bottle of champagne... It has just started to snow.
Eve, Kristi, champagne...
And the lovely cake Erik made to welcome 2008. Oh, it was delicious...

Our house during the first minutes of January 1, 2008.

Christmas 2007

Christmas dinner has started!
And after that, we'll get presents.

And the girls need to be models...
Then I and Kert have our photo session...
And Anna is posing for us,

while Emily thinks she wants to become a ballet dancer...
Adults get tired...
...but children never!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Birthdays in 2007

Kert's 11th birthday (February 2007)
Like each year, he has a party for his friends and a party for his relatives. This year, we started in the go-carts track. Boys absolutely loved it. Later, we came home and the party continued.
In the go-cart track.
Maria and Samantha playing hockey.

Birthday guests. Samantha is missing.
Boys playing.
Boys outside in our garden.
Kert showing his boxing bag and gloves :).

Erik's 31st birthday (March 2007) Erik's family: Mom Anne and Emily, grandma Asta and Anna, Helen, Dad Toomas and Erik.

My mom's 60th birthday celebrations (May 2007)
My mom geting congratulations from the Dean of the Faculty of Economy of Our University.

My mom geting "Happy birthday wishes" from her childhood best friend Ligia.
Some more wishes...
And now, to drink and eat... :)

My brother's girlfriend Taimi, my brother Margus, I and Kert.

Kert, my mom and dad.
Birthday cake.

Anzelika's and Kristi's birthdays... One year older again! (September and October 2007)
Well, each of us has to turn 1 year older once in a year. So did Anzelika and Kristi - my university friends who's birthdays we always celebrate together. They are usually "girls night out" or "chatting together: women and babies" :).

Anzelika's birthday: I, Elika, Kristi and Anzelika with Triinu Liis.

Kristi's birthday: Tanel, Pille, Elika, Kristi, Marju, Eve and Karin.

Pille's 35th birthday party. Style: Year 1972 (November 2007)
In Pille's big birthday party, each guest had to dress as she was coming from the year 1972: the year, when Pille was born. Pille had thought of all details in the party: the place was like from 1970's, the dishes and meals were from 1970's, the games were about these years... It was so funny :). And I hated my dress... It was so transparent, that most of the time, I had to sit in my place behind the table, I was too embarassed :).
Eve (Pille's sister), Kristi, Pille and I - girls from 1970's. Aren't we charming?

Eve, Karin and Kristi - the party has started :).

Kristi - like a real woman from 1970's. I wonder who would like to wear this ugly dress these days...
ANNA AND EMILY - 1 year old (December 2007)
The last birthday party to attend in 2007, was Anna's and Emily's 1st birthday party. It took place just before Christmas - in December 23. The girls were lovely and enjoyed the presents with their full hearts :). We're not sure if they really understood what's going on... :)
Emily and Anna got white roses for their 1st birthday from their great-grandmother Asta.

Emily and Anna with their father Martin.

Birthday cakes for Emily and Anna. Enjoying birthday cake:)
Anna on her 1st birthday.
Kert, Karin and Emily on Emily's 1st birthday.