Friday, November 27, 2009

Class Re-Union

2009 has been a special year for me concerning university studies:
15 years ago (in 1994) I entered the university
10 years ago (in 1999) I finished the 5-year-study programm
And now, 10 years later (in 2009) I got my PhD degree
To celebrate the round figures, we organized a class reunion for 21 girls who studied in the same group. Some of them, I hadn't seen for all those 10 years which have passed... but with many, I'm in regular contact (for instance, Kristi is my best friend). 18 of 21 girls came, so almost everyone!
The reunion took place in November 14 at the greenroom of our new university building (my workplace), additionally we had an excursion to our new beautiful library.
I hope everyone enjoyed the reunion and were happy to see each other! I was, indeed. :)

Photo: A group-photo of 18 girls who studied together with me at university.

Photo: Excursion in our new library.

Our new library:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baby news

Today, 22nd of November, is the happiest day of 2009 for our neighbours - early in the morning, their 4th child was born - a little baby boy!
This beautiful boy is a special baby also for me - from the start, I've shared all the joys and worries of Aune's pregnancy day by day. And all the worries have disappeared now, when a healthy beautiful baby boy was born and made everyone's heart full of joy... Including mine and Erik's. Congratulations to happy parents!
We've already met the baby in the hospital and hope they will come home very soon!
Photo: The card I made for the baby

Photo: A little box with some small presents for the baby

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Last bloomers in winter

The last two bloomers in the snow were the roses "Red Eden Rose" and "Fantasia Mondiale". Winter has arrived and the nature has gone to sleep...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

First snow

The first snow came down on Friday, November 6 - it was snowing ALL DAY long. And it was so very beautiful outside like Christmas had arrived... Unfortunately I was working and couldn't take any pictures of the nature.
Yesterday morning, November 7, it wasn't that nice anymore since the snow started to melt already. I couldn't take nice photos anymore - only some pictures of our dogs and a few in the garden. Here they are:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aleandra!

My little friend Aleandra (our neighbour girl) turned 7 years old today. She had a cute birthday party today and hopefully enjoyed all her presents! Here is my card for her and some photos from her party. Her cake was just so fancy and very delicious, too!