Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nature and boys - Autumn time

Having a dad who is consantly going to the nature to photograph, our boys are quite well informed about the nature. They can name all kind of animals - also the ones small children usually do not know like marten (nugis), badger (mäger), otter (saarmas) or birds like buzzard (hiireviu), arctic tern (randtiir) or golden eagle (kaljukotkas). They also know what is the difference between coat (kits) and deer (hirv); and can imitate sounds of elk, wild boar or owl.
Erik can't wait the time, when he can take the boys out to the forrest to photograph. We believe Fred is the first one to join as he shows the biggest interest to wild nature. Until they are still too small, we take hikes out to the nature - usually somewhere close. We try to go each weekend. Our favourite places are Tabasalu Nature Park (10 kms from our home) and Keila-Joa (12 kms from our home). Boys like to pick sprays or cones; they like to run around and most of all, they like the sea. They call it "big water".
Today, we went to Keila-Joa to enjoy the last colours of Autumn. Soon, it's winter time...
With boys in Keila-Joa
Keila-Joa Waterfall
In Kadrioru Park a few weeks ago

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Boys - starting kindergarten at the age of 3

After a looong gap between blog-posts, I decided it's time to start again.
Yes, you guessed it right: I have been way too busy to write something here... Days fly by and I feel overwhelmed with all tasks I have to do during the day. And night. I wish it was more than 24 hours in one day. Maybe then, I could manage my life much better!
Anyway, I have missed posting here - write about our life with our wonderful boys. Afterall - family is the most important.
This week, a new period started in our life: boys went to the kindergarten. In Estonia, all kids should have got a place for kindergarten at the age of 3. In our county, there have been a big problem with kindergarten: too many young families with small children and too few kindergartens. Many parents were angry - the moms want to start working again, but there is no place where to take a kid. In our family, it was not that bad as we had a Nanny for the boys since they were 9 months old, but paying each month - a full-time salary for a Nanny - .... well, it has costed us a fortune!
Luckily in summer, our county announced of building a new kindergarten. Or being precise: renovating an older office building for a kindergarten. At first I was a bit sceptic - can it really be a nice kindergarten if it used to be an office for some company? But in the end - it came out all nice! And in October 15, the kindergarten was opened. As it is situated in a street called "Future street", then the kindergarten itself is called like that, too. "Future"... and all groups in kindergarten are inspired of the same theme. For example, our boys go to a group called "Inventors". There are 21 children with 1 teacher and helper.
The first day was very difficult for me: leaving boys somewhere what they don't know, with someone they don't know and with kids they have never seen... I was nervous all day thinking how they are coping there... But when I went to pick them up in the afternoon, they were nicely playing and everything was fine. I was releaved! I guess it's much easier to go to the kindergarten when you have brothers supporting you. :)
Anyway, since that day, boys have been to kindergarten each day and have not cried at all. Lets see how the next week will be! Our boys are big now!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

At Pille's place

 In August - we traditionally go to Pille's place in Rapla county to celebrate the end of the summer (and of course, also to meet our good friends). We did it in 2011, 2009, 2008. It's always fun at Pille's - and we are always blessed with good weather. Pille has sheep and a horse and our boys loved to watch them (it's not their first time as in Muhu, we have several farmers, too); we had a nice dinner like always and nice chats with Marju, Kristi and Eve.
See you again next year! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Funny words

This post is inspired by friend Maris' post, where she wrote about a cute word her daughter says. I'm sorry the post will be in Estonian, because otherwise, describing my boys' funny words in English would ruin the meaning of the post.
Poiste kõne on pärast 2-aastaseks saamist lennukalt arenenud. Sõna, mida poisid pidevalt kasutavad, kuid mis on miskipärast veidi valesti kätte õpitud, ja seda kõigi kolme poolt (kui õigesti mäletan, siis alustas selle sõna ütlemist selliselt Ralf, mida kõik hoolega järgi hakkasid kordama), on sõna "meer", mis tõlkes tähendab "veel". Huvitav, millal nad aru saavad, et lausa kaks tähte on sõnas puhta valed? Peale selle kasutavad kõik poisid sõna "oki", mis tähendab tegelikkuses "sokid".

Kõige parem kõneleja on kehalisest kõige nõrgem Sten, kes püüdlikult kordab järgi kõik, mida ees öelda ning on võimeline rääkima lauseid, mis koosnevad kuni neljast sõnast. Meie lapsed vaatavad telekat harva, kuid kui vaatavad, siis Teletupse - see on meie praegune üldine lemmik ning need vähesed laused, mida selles saates korrutatakse, on Stenil kõik selged. "Kus on Po ratas?", "Tipsi kübar on kadunud", "La-laa tudub voodis" jne. Üldiselt on tema laused väga hästi hääldatud - neist võib aru saada igaüks. Tal on aga üks eriline sõna, mida ta pidevalt kasutab - "teine pood". Tegelikkuses tähendab see "teisele poole".
Ka Ralf räägib üsna ilusti, kuid tema sõnad on vahel veidi rohkem võõrale arusaamatud kui Steni omad. Lausetesse oskab ta sõnu ritta seada 3-4 ning peamiselt meeldib talle rääkida oma riietusest ning sellest, mis talle seljasolevatest asjadest kohe üldse ei lähe. "Püksid ei sobi", "Särk on märk (märg)",  "Vale puus (pluus)" jne. Samuti on ta väga osav kõikide loomade nimetamisel, teab hästi, kes on kits, ammuu, vant, hani, part ja siga.
Frediga on rääkimise osas natuke teised lood. Kui tema ühe sõna selgeks saab ja kui see kõlab tõesti nii, et ka teised probleemideta sellest sõnast aru saavad, siis ta on suures vaimustuses ning korrutab seda sõna kohe mõnuga. Paar nädalat tagasi sai ta korraga selgeks kaks sõna: "kukk" ja "kana". Miskipärast arvab ta, et need käivad ühe linnu kohta, sest kui ta kusagil kuke või kana pilti näeb, tuleb tal ühes jorus "kanakukk". Olen püüdnud talle seletada, et üks lind on siiski kana ja teine kukk, aga Fredile see väga korda ei lähe. Hiljuti õppis ta ära sõna "hani", õnneks oli tal sõna "part" juba varasemast selge ja uut lindu "hanipart" sellele ei järgnenud.  Paljud tema sõnad on veel arusaamatud ning korraga on ta võimeline ütlema 2 sõna järjest, nagu "emme tuli" või "ratast ei ole".

Vahva on jälgida laste kõne arengut. Eks neid huvitavaid sõnu on veelgi, aga kõik ei tule korraga meelde. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Birthday - 2 years old

Summer has vanished away, and I haven't posted anything. I try to be better in Autumn!
The main event in summer was - of course boys' 2nd birthday. It's amazing those little boys have been in our family for 2 years already. Sometimes, it feels such a long period, especially in every-day routine; but when looking back - those 2 years have passed by quickly!
We haven't been to the doctor for 2-years-visit yet (we'll go on Tuesday), so we don't know how tall and heavy the boys are, but in all other things, they are normal 2-year-old-boys: they like to run, climb, play with cars, drive cars, ride their balance bikes, swing and of course, make a lot of mischief. All of them talk now quite a lot - sentences with 2 and 3 words are already normal. Fred, who is the quickest physically, but lowest in talking, has developed his language skills considerably, too, and now says words as clearly as Ralf and Sten. All in all, they are sweet boys! :)
Some photos about the birthday party:
Waiting for the guests on birthday morning -

Birthday party guests, those who had arrived in time -

Boys with their new balance bikes: a gift from grandparents and aunt -

Birthday cake -

Eating the cake and blowing the candles -


Fred with a big birthday flower -

Birthday party with other triplets - Kadri and Maris with their children -

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer activities

It's middle June already, so summer is so-so arrived to Estonia (no very warm weather, yet, though, so I haven't been able to put up our summer-pool, yet). I'm still working, but the evenings and weekends we spend as much time outside as possible. We have a large garden and sometimes boys really enjoy "helping" the mom and dad. Usually, it's more trouble than help, but at least the boys are entertained. :) In the garden, boys also love to play in the sandbox and swing.

But in most days, it's not enough  - they want to go out... for a walk to a local playground which was built just this Spring or for a car ride (for example, to visit grandparents who live only 10 minutes away with the car).

We are already looking for my summer holiday to start - and then we want to travel as much as possible, to make our summer memorable and eventful.

Monday, June 11, 2012

What do people say to us, when they see us?

What do people say to us, when they see us, walking around with the triplets' buggy or just going somewhere with 3 boys? Here are some examples:

"I just need to ask: are they really twins?" (asked by a retired man behind the doctor's door looking at our 3 boys, all dressed the same)

"Look... triplets! They are like 3 brothers, but not in reality" (said by a boy in the Zoo)

"Oh, triplets... were they born on the same day?" (asked by a woman about my age)

"Unfortunately I have nothing to compete you with. I have only 2 kids. And no twins or triplets." (said by a man walking by)

"Is one of these triplets, 1 year older than others? It looks like he is." (asked by a woman about Ralf)

"Every time when you walk by our house, I look from the window... you are so cute. Today, I took my courage and came to ask if I can take a photo of you... I want to show it to my wife" (said by a man in our village)

"I am out of words!" (said by a man walking by)

Funny - do you really need to say anything at all?!? But I know... those are the first impressions. Maybe I would say something a bit strange, too, or stare at triplets if I didn't have my own triplets. Because honestly - before my own triplets, I had never seen any triplet buggies in my life!