Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer activities

It's middle June already, so summer is so-so arrived to Estonia (no very warm weather, yet, though, so I haven't been able to put up our summer-pool, yet). I'm still working, but the evenings and weekends we spend as much time outside as possible. We have a large garden and sometimes boys really enjoy "helping" the mom and dad. Usually, it's more trouble than help, but at least the boys are entertained. :) In the garden, boys also love to play in the sandbox and swing.

But in most days, it's not enough  - they want to go out... for a walk to a local playground which was built just this Spring or for a car ride (for example, to visit grandparents who live only 10 minutes away with the car).

We are already looking for my summer holiday to start - and then we want to travel as much as possible, to make our summer memorable and eventful.

Monday, June 11, 2012

What do people say to us, when they see us?

What do people say to us, when they see us, walking around with the triplets' buggy or just going somewhere with 3 boys? Here are some examples:

"I just need to ask: are they really twins?" (asked by a retired man behind the doctor's door looking at our 3 boys, all dressed the same)

"Look... triplets! They are like 3 brothers, but not in reality" (said by a boy in the Zoo)

"Oh, triplets... were they born on the same day?" (asked by a woman about my age)

"Unfortunately I have nothing to compete you with. I have only 2 kids. And no twins or triplets." (said by a man walking by)

"Is one of these triplets, 1 year older than others? It looks like he is." (asked by a woman about Ralf)

"Every time when you walk by our house, I look from the window... you are so cute. Today, I took my courage and came to ask if I can take a photo of you... I want to show it to my wife" (said by a man in our village)

"I am out of words!" (said by a man walking by)

Funny - do you really need to say anything at all?!? But I know... those are the first impressions. Maybe I would say something a bit strange, too, or stare at triplets if I didn't have my own triplets. Because honestly - before my own triplets, I had never seen any triplet buggies in my life!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Visiting Kadri and her triplet-boys

It's very easy to become friends with other triplet-moms. You don't need to explain anything about your life. They KNOW. They live the same life. They understand you in half word.
Of course having triplets doesn't automatically mean, that you need to be friends with other triplet-moms, but it's a chance to get to know some wonderful people and I have never regretted that I have met Maris, Maarja and Kadri this way. Vice versa - we give each other the strength to go on with our lives, with a positive note.
On Friday, we drove to see Kadri and her 9-month-old triplet boys again. We hoped the weather to be good to be able to have a small picnic at Kadri's garden and a walk with our triplet prams to the harbour. The Weatherman listened to us and the day was absolutely beautiful. We all enjoyed it!
Some photos...
6 boys alltogether: 3 Kadri's and 3 mine

Taking a walk with 2 triplet buggys means that we have to use the whole car road!

Boys were curious at Kadri's garden, they found water...:

All boys in the garden playing: