Sunday, August 30, 2009

Abruka Island

During our holiday in Muhu Island in the end of July, we made a family day-trip to another - much smaller - island called Abruka Island. This was a wish of my father and as none of us had been there before, we all decided to go.
We had to take a small boat (which takes on 14 people) from Kuressaare (Saaremaa Island) to get to Abruka. Since Abruka does not have any shops or eating places, then we had our picnic things with us + also swimming things as it was a nice sunny day and we could enjoy the real summer.
The area of the Abruka Island is 8.78 km² and the population is almost 40. Once, it even had a school there (when the population was much higher - 150), but now, even a shop isn't left there; and most people who live there are retired. The nature of Abruka Island is a bit different than we can see in Muhu or Saaremaa, it has a big nature reserve with loads of huge lime trees and ferns. Another interesting fact is, that in 1878-1880 a "deer park" was founded on the island, when 13 deer were brought from Kuramaa. There are deer on the island even today, and actually we saw one when we were returning to the port after our day in Abruka Island. Unfortunately it was too far away to take a good photo.
Photo: Erik, I and Kert on the way to Abruka.
Photo: Mom and dad on the way to Abruka.
Photo: Taken from a boat when we had almost reached the island.
Photo: We are standing next to the map to see the best walking paths.
Photo: I and Kert next to the old boat called "Abruka".
Photo: Some funny people greeting us in Abruka.
Photo: One of the oldes lime trees in the Abruka reserve park.
Photo: The only windmill in Abruka.
Photo: Our swimming place.
Photo: Kert and Erik on the swing.
Photo: Kert making a wish against "Ringing Stone". This is a strange stone - it seems to be empty inside and when you knock on it with other stone, it makes sounds... There's a legend that one should say a secret wish while knocking and it will come true... We all did it!
Photo: Erik in the museum of Abruka.
Photo: A flower pot in Abruka.

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