Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A honeybee collecting honey :)

It's not very easy to photograph a honeybee when it's flying... I managed to do it in Muhu, in our garden... Erik says this photo has a lovely effect - showing how the bee goes from one blossom to another... and gets its harvest.

Muhu island, Estonia. April 2007.

Female Great Grouse

This is a photo which I'm most proud of! It's, so far, my best valued photo also in the photographers' webpage www.looduspilt.ee (to see the photo there, click: http://www.looduspilt.ee/?page=pilt&id=13043). This bird is a female great grouse. The male one is much more colourful and coquettish, but the female is lovely, too, isn't she? I just love how she walks on this photo... We saw her in a very small place in Estonia, with a very well-known name, namely LONDONi, which is situated near the lake Võrtsjärv.

Londoni, Estonia, April 2007


One Spring evening, with a setting sun, I went to read a book to the edge of the forest. Of course, like always, beside the book, I had my photo camera with telelens with me. I sat there, reading the book and making breaks by watching blue sky with many little clouds. Suddenly, a roebuck stepped out from the forest and started to show his lovely horns.... I knew he didn't notice me, yet. So I left my book, took my camera and started to crawl towards him. It was quite a long crawl... One point, I stopped, and took a shot (the one you see), just as I was - in the middle of grass, lying flat on my stomack. At once when the camera shutter has made it's click, the goat noticed me. He ran towards me, didn't realize who I was, and then got scared and left very, very quickly with wonderful high and long jumps. Since I was there in an uncomfortable pose, I couldn't photograph any of it. But at least I got this photo:)
Harju county, Estonia, May 2007


This beautiful swan was photographed in Western Coast of Estonia in April 2007.

A roe making her walk

A lovely photo of a roe, with what Erik took part of the Nature Photo of the Year competition, is taken in our home forest in March 2007.
Photographed by Erik, Harju county, Estonia. March 2007.

Pikknurme River

This photo is taken on my birthday - April 27, 2007, in Kirna Hiking track which is situated in Alam-Pedja Nature Preserve. The river photographed is called Pikknurme. It was already late in the evening and just before that, we had seen a roebuck eating grass when we walked towards him, and he didn't really understand who we were... It seems the wild animals don't see that well in dark either... :)

Alam-Pedja, Estonia, April 2007

The Storks family

The Storks family near Kakerdaja Bog in Spring 2006. In Estonia, you can see storks everywhere. They like to make their nests usually near houses, and they seem to use the same nest years to years. When you drive through the main roads in Estonia, you always see storks walking and finding food from the fields and meadows beside the roads.

Kakerdaja, Estonia, May 2006.

A Walking stork

A stork walking in the ploughland in our village. He lives in our neighbour's garden and flies over our house all the time.

Harju county, Estonia, May 2007.

Photographer's joys and sorrows

Guess who's chasing the roebuck and thinking "he doesn't see me...". Yes, that stupid girl is Karin :). By the way, this roebuck has only 1 horn! We see him all the time...

Harju county, Estonia, May 2007

Monday, May 28, 2007


It was raining during daytime. In the evening, mist came... The photo has been taken around 10 p.m.

Harju county, Estonia, May 2007.

Blue Hepatica

Hepaticas are my favourite flowers... Here you can see one interpretation of her beauty... The shot is taken on my own land in Muhu island, Estonia.

Muhu island, Estonia, April 2007

Pink Hepatica

Blue hepaticas are beautiful, but pink ones even more... I love their intensive colour!
Muhu island, Estonia, April 2007


Wow... is it a sunflower looking to the sky? No.... of course it's a small dandelion... But looks quite imposing, isn't she? It's photographed by Erik in our garden ;).
Photographed by Erik, Harju county, Estonia, May 2007


I just love wild flowers! This is one of them... a primrose, of course. I decided to show this photos, because it shows the natural environment where primroses grow in my home area - in the middle of green meadow, just trying to direct her beautiful yellow blossoms to the sky to reach the sun...

Harju county, Estonia, May 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My family members

My two number 1 persons: my son Kert (10 years old at this photo) and my boyfriend Erik

Estonia, October 2006

Driving carts

In May 29, we celebrated Kert's good marks in his final report (which he will get in June 4) by taking him to drive carts. It was a lot of fun - the day was really, really warm, so the track was hot and wet, and it also started to rain in the middle of the runs (the track consists of an inner part and an outer part), which made the driving even more complicated. I only drove for 8 rounds (1 drive), while Kert and Erik did a lot more - I was able to photograph them in action then!
Saurix Cart Race Track, Tallinn, Estonia. May 29, 2007

My model

This photo is taken in Põhja-Kõrvemaa Conservancy, in a place called Järvi Lakes. From there, we hiked on a Suursoo (translation: Big Marsh) hiking track. I absolutely love this photo!

I and Erik in a bog

And here you can see both me and Erik on the same place - called Järvi Lakes.

Us and swans

I and Erik and swans...

Prague, Czech Republic, May 2006


Our engagement photo: May 12, 2006, Glyfada, Greece
It was an absolute surprise for me... I had no idea Erik would propose me there, when we were watching the sunset on the beach! It was very, very beautiful!


Christmas at Erik's parents' house :)

Our dogs and us

Us and waterfall...

The photo is taken in Eastern part of Estonia, in a very small place. The waterfall is called Alajõe.

Karin and Erik in Toila

This photo is taken in Spa Hotel of Toila, which is situated on a very pictersque place - eastern coastline of Estonia...

Us and winter

I, Erik and Kert in Nõmmeveski waterfall. It's a beautiful place either in Spring, Autumn or Winter!


I like to enjoy the views of water breaking snow and ice during wintertime. It's Nõmmeveski Waterfall - situated in Lahemaa in Estonia.

That's I and my boyfriend Erik

Sunsets in Muhu island

I love sea and I love sunsets... The combination of those two is of course the best... Here you can see two photos taken in Oosaare, Muhu island in April 2007.


We met this curious hedgehog in Southern Estonia. It's quite rare to see a hedgehog in the forest in Estonia. They used to live near the houses, but these days, hedgehogs have almost disappeared. Erik said he hadn't seen a hedgehog for at least 10-15 years... So, both Erik and I were quite amazed when we met him. We didn't want to disrupt him much, so we took a few shots and left him doing his own business.

Londoni, Estonia, April 2007

Hepatica in Muhu

A pink hepatica which hasn't opened her blossoms fully, yet...
Muhu island, Estonia, April 2007

A sleepy fox

This lovely sleepy fox was photographed by my beloved boyfriend Erik in our home-forest in March 2007. He noticed him being about 60 metres from him, but the fox was so sleepy that he didn't see Erik at all! He crawled to him, made just this and some more photos, and then, suddenly, the fox was gone like a twister... No signs left.
Photographed by Erik, Harju county, Estonia, March 2007

Vasaristi Waterfall

Vasaristi is such a nice place... The waterfall is very small, but lovely. And in Spring time, you can see a lot of hepaticas there!

Vasaristi, Harju county, Estonia, Spring 2006.

A bird cherry

The bird cherry blossoms here in May... Very lovely smell :)

Harju county, Estonia, May 2007

A butterfly...

In Estonian, this butterfly is called "koeraliblikas", unfortunately I don't know how it's called in English or Latin. But it's very common in Estonia, and can live here in Estonia throughout more than one season.

Muhu island, Estonia, April 2007