Tuesday, May 29, 2007


One Spring evening, with a setting sun, I went to read a book to the edge of the forest. Of course, like always, beside the book, I had my photo camera with telelens with me. I sat there, reading the book and making breaks by watching blue sky with many little clouds. Suddenly, a roebuck stepped out from the forest and started to show his lovely horns.... I knew he didn't notice me, yet. So I left my book, took my camera and started to crawl towards him. It was quite a long crawl... One point, I stopped, and took a shot (the one you see), just as I was - in the middle of grass, lying flat on my stomack. At once when the camera shutter has made it's click, the goat noticed me. He ran towards me, didn't realize who I was, and then got scared and left very, very quickly with wonderful high and long jumps. Since I was there in an uncomfortable pose, I couldn't photograph any of it. But at least I got this photo:)
Harju county, Estonia, May 2007

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