Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Spring is definitely on its way! The last days have been quite winter-like, but today - finally - we have sunshine again (+ a strong wind) and it marks the official start of Spring. We have really longed for warmer weather with boys. They can now walk well outside, but they don't like to walk in the snow or on ice. So now, when the snow slowly melts, it gives much more opportunities for us to go out and have something interesting to do.
Fred is the one who adores being outside and searching every corner of our garden. He never wants to come back inside, it's always with loads of cry. Sten, on the other hand (at least right now, when he is cranky because of teething), likes to stay outside for 10 minutes and then prefers to sit on my lap or whine when I don't take him on my lap. Ralf is somewhere in the middle. He doesn't whine much, but he is not such a curious boy outside as Fred is.
During last weekend, we went to the local playground for the first time. My mom was with me and the boys, too, otherwise it would have been too complicated to look after 3 little boys who run in 3 different direction... There was still a bit too much snow, but the boys enjoyed some of the attraction quite a lot. We are definitely going back there as soon as it gets warmer and snow has melted away.
Spring, please arrive quicker! :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sledging with grandpa

We still have quite a lot of snow on the ground. Today morning, we drove to grandparents' place and the boys had sledge rides from small hills which grandpa had made for his grandchildren in his garden.