Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Playing together

Recently, in a Triplet Mommy Forum, where I'm a member of, another triplet mommy posted a comment: 'Just can't believe some people say having triplets is easy because they "play together..." It's bloody hard work!!!'

This saying would certainly make me angry, too! Noone, who hadn't had triplets themselves, have a right to say that raising triplets is easy. Because it's not. It's MORE complicated and difficult than you can think of. Double more, at least!

But yes, sometimes triplets do play together. Nicely. And it's so lovely to watch it. Memorize it... You want this moment to last forever! But it stops quite quickly. And a real fight starts again.

From a negative point of you, to be a triplet is like that:
Someone is crabbing the toy, I just started to love, away.
Someone is hurting you when you just thought you were left alone.
Someone is climbing on top of you.
Someone is driving just the car which I want to drive.
Someone is crying next to me and this makes me cry, too.
Someone is there, always, to fight for mom's attention together with me.
And so on...

From a positive point of view, to be a triplet is like that:
Someone makes me laugh.
Some is as small as me, as old as me and as cute as me - it makes the life much safer.
Someone is there to follow. (At the same time - not knowing if the thing to follow is good or bad)
Someone is there to go in bed together, to make jokes together and to wake up together.

Most of the photos I take, I take of the boys together. I just feel this is the right thing to do - they are there with me, always together. And yes, sometimes they play nicely together... :)