Monday, August 25, 2008

My first rose...

"A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world" (Leo F. Buscaqlia)
What is a garden without a rose? Is it a garden at all? Well, as a garden owner, I'm finally having my first rose... I sincerely hope she will like to live in my garden and will show me many blossoms in next summer. I'll let you know!
My rose is: rosa 'palmengarten frankfurt'

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Celebration of Re-Independence Day and Gerd Kanter's GOLD MEDAL

Today it's the Day of Restoration of Independence. And yesterday, our great sportsman (a discus thrower), Gerd Kanter changed the history of sports - besides the golden medal won in Osaka 2007, he is now the owner of GOLDEN MEDAL from Olympic Games of 2008 as well. ESTONIA IS PARTYING TODAY!!!!
And so are we...

Our hero GERD KANTER (photo from Osaka 2007,

To celebrate both of those events, we (I, Erik, Kristi, Eve and Ragnar) drove to Pille's place. At first, we organized a discus competition. And indeed, we had an original discus (bought by Pille's father as a childhood gift for her) and each of us had 1 attempt to show his/her strength and talent... Here we are throwing it!

Avo, Eve, Pille and Ragnar showing their best moves....
Tanel, Kristi, I and Erik staking all which we had inside us...
AVO! He was the best, unfortunately we forgot to measure how far he threw... I'm sure not much less than Gerd Kanter himself :).
The cows were our spectators.
And after that, everyone was happy and we were able to start partying...
Wine was opened and we said "THUMBS UP, ESTONIA!" Cheers!

Kristi, I, Erik, Tanel, Avo, Pille, Marit, Eve and Ragnar

Eve and Ragnar
Finally, we had a generous dinner prepared by Pille, and 2 honey cakes (coincidentally prepared following the same receipt by Kristi and Pille).
I, Erik, Kristi, Eve, Ragnar, Avo, Pille, Tanel

Sunday, August 10, 2008

On a cool summer morning

Photographed by Erik, August 2008, Harju county, Estonia.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Järvakandi Motocross

Today, Järvakandi Motocross took place, where Kert competed, too. He didn't do very well this time as he had some technical problems in the last lap, but surely he got great experience! The next competition will be in August 31, in Viljandi. The start of "leg shakers" class.
Kert's leg-shaker wears a number of 40.
Kert taking a small hill.
Kert on the track.
Kert and his bike.
Kert and one of his team-mates, Elis. One of the rare girls in this sports!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer events

Picnic at work - 19 June My colleague Marina, I and my colleague Ülo in picnic, which took place in Tallinn Zoo this year.

Tour of Manour Houses - Part II, 21-22 June, IDA-VIRU county Kristi in front of KALVI manour house

I and Kristi in Narva, the eastest town in Estonia
Rakvere Park
I and Kristi in front of Aaspere Manour House
Visiting Kristi's sister Karin: I, Kristi, Karin, Janek, Sander

Tour of Manour Houses - Part III - 19-20 July, VILJANDI county Kristi on the balcony of Laupa Manour House
I and Kristi in front of Olustvere Manour House
I and Kristi in the ruins of Viljandi Castle
Pärsti Manour House
Kristi in the hall of Suure-Kõpu Manour House

3 days in Muhu island - 29-31 July Kert and his new bike
Emily with flowers
Emily and Anna waiting to get their lunch
Martin, the twins and sauna house
In Lepana seaside

Summer & Home Rainbow over our house
Strawberries from our garden
Our sweet little Tony

Marju's house-warming party - 31 July Erik, I, Kristi, Eve, Ragnar, Rain's friend, Rain, Marju

Eda's 30th jubilee - 2 August The birthday girl

Erik playing with Eda's kitten
4 girls, 1 baby and cat Oscar in the birthday party: I, Eda, Märt, Siiri, Sirje