Thursday, October 29, 2009

Autumn in Finland

It was nice to get away from the daily routine for some days and make a trip to Finland. Even when it was full of work, I had some time to meet my dear friend Minna as well as do some Christmas shopping in Helsinki! :) Unfortunately, the weather was as bad as in Estonia - rainy, grey and cold. The pictures didn't come out nice at all.

My route this time was:

Photo: A rainy autumn morning in Tampere
Photo: I in front of Tampere University where we had a meeting.

Photo: Nice pink heather - my favourites during Autumn!

Photo: Culture house in Tampere

Photo: Just a big tree in its autumn robe

Photo: As I arrived to Riihimäki in the dark, then the only photo taken there is at Minna's house!

Photo: House in Alvar Aalto's style
Photo: Winter caps are waiting in the market!

Photo: Streets in Helsinki.

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