Thursday, October 27, 2011

All over the house

Here's a list of 10 things what our boys have managed to do within the last few months... they certainly know how to get on mommy's and daddy's nerves. I wonder how long our house stays in one piece?!?

1. Fred found the baby-oil bottle, opened it and all his clothes were covered with oil.
2. One day I found Ralf with a big butcher knife in the kitchen... My heart stopped. I don't know where the hell did he get it?!?
3. Fred played in the toilet with the WC cleaning brush (this happened, though, when Erik was looking after the kids)
4. Fred broke our floor lamp in the living room. And it wasn't a cheap lamp...
5. Fred climbed to the baking oven, and the others tried to do the same - luckily I caught them in the act, otherwise the door of the baking oven would have collapsed.
6. Fred poured blackberry jam all over Sten's head and shoulders. Sten was very happy about it. :)
7. Fred threw the dog's food around the kitchen.
8. Sten decided that the spoon is the best tool to take out as much ash as possible from the fireplace. The ash was all over the 3 boys' clothes as well as the floor. They were very happy about this achievement and thought they helped their mom a lot.
9. Fred sneaked to the shower room, opened the shampoo and started to wash the floor with it. Besides the floor, he was all covered with the  shampoo as well. And he was crying very loudly when he realized, that it doesn't feel nice when the shampoo gets to the eyes.
10. One morning, Erik found Sten OUT of his crib, on the floor. How did he get out of the crib, remains a mystery.

Who's name do you see the most? Yes, FRED is the naughty-boy...

Friday, October 21, 2011


Without noticing, Autumn has arrived long ago.
Today, I decided to take the boys to play with the maple leaves. It was not an easy task! First, just when I finally got them dressed, it started to rain (although it was sunny before). Then we had to wait for some time in our garden before the rain stopped. We took the pushchair and went to look for a maple... We were very surprised - we found only 1! Exactly next to the big road... But it didn't stop the boys playing with the leaves + watching the cars. They had fun!