Saturday, September 5, 2009

Official Opening Ceremony

Many of you know, that I have been moving to a brand new office due to my work during this summer. The official opening of our new house in university's campus - the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences - took place in August 31. It was an important event - the building was opened by the President of Estonia - Toomas-Hendrik Ilves; and the former President - Arnold Rüütel - being also present.
I'm sharing a room with my colleague Marina and I hope the new office will turn out a good one. I'm happy because my new work place is much closer than the old one - yesterday, it took 13 minutes to drive home! :)
Photo: The start of the opening ceremony. You can see our Dean Enn Listra (second from left), the President Toomas-Hendrik Ilves (third from left) and the rector of Tallinn University of Technology - Peep Sürje (speaking).

Photo: The speech of the President.

Photo: Our dean and the President of Estonia

Photo: Some important people

Photo: Here you can see the mascot of our university - Juulius.

Photo: I together with the mascot Juulius.

Photo: The new house from outside.
Photo: View from the last floor of our building over the old part of university's campus.

Photo: View from my colleague's window, left you can see another quite new building of university (faculty of Power Engineering).

Photo: This is my new office which I share with my colleague Marina. Of course, most of our time we spend in lecture halls...

Photo: Another photo of my new office.

Photo: Park around the campus.

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Anonymous said...

looks great!
have a great start of the new school year!