Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer in our garden - Vol III

Summer seems to be soon over... Luckily August has been quite nice in Estonia and our garden is blooming continuously. Mostly it's thanks to roses which are grateful bloomers from the end of June until October; but I have some other flowers/bushes which have been blooming for a really long time. So, this entry is dedicated to my favourite long bloomers among perennial flowers.

Perennial a plant that comes back every spring. Therefore, they need to be planted only once - each winter, it dies back to the ground and returns in the spring from their root-stock. They are easy to grow and colourful to watch.
When I first bought the bergamot flower (we call it Monarda), then I didn't think much of it. But now, when they have bloomed in my garden almost for 2 months, I really appreciate them - it's a wonderful red spot in my garden and I love it!
Photo: Monarda "Gardenview Scarlet"

Echinaceas (Coneflowers, siilikübar) are well-known herbs as they are known to be good for your immune system. I have three different types of echinaceas in my garden: normal purple one (called "Magnus"), white (called "White Swan") and red (called "Sundown") They have been blooming for many weeks and I love to watch them from my kitchen window.
Photo: Echinacea "Magnus"
Photo: Echinacea "Sundown"
Photo: Echinacea "White Swan"

Phloxes bloom for many weeks, too. They are easy to grow and are goot for cutting as well. Several colours exist among phloxes; in my garden, there are 5 different ones: light lilac ("Laura"), cherry red ("Tenor"), violet with white heart ("Sternhimmel"), pink with red heart ("Landhosczeit") and pink-white stripes ("Natascha").
Photo: Phlox "Laura"
Photo: Phlox "Tenor"
Photo: Phlox "Sternhimmel"
Photo: Phlox "Landhosczeit"

Buddleja (also called summer lilac) is grown in Estonia as a perennial, too, although it's a bush in warmer countries. It's appriciated for it's value as food for many species of butterflies. My Buddleja davidii is called "Black Night" and I see a lot of butterflies in our garden...
Photo: Buddleja davidii "Black Night"

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