Sunday, August 16, 2009

A day at Pille's

Every summer, we have an annual visit to Pille's place in Rapla county. Normally, we are celebrating Estonian Re-Independence Day together in August 20 (which is a free day from work), but this year, we had to re-shedule the visit since other plans in August 20. So, we agreed to meet in August 15 - yesterday.
It was a lovely day, especially since the weatherman was kind to us once again. Even when there were some dark clouds in the sky, it never developed any rain and the sun was out most of the time.
Photo: Marit and Tanel - Pille's children.
Having fun on trampoline:

Pille and Avo have a lake full of fish, and we had a delicious meal made of barbecued trout. Besides, Pille had cooked a very good zucchini casserole and we had 2 cakes: apple cake from Pille and red-currant biscuit cake from me.
Photo: Avo is fishing for our meal.
Photo: Avo is cleaning the trout for barbecue.
Photo: We are ready to eat! Erik, I, Ragnar, Eve, Pille and Marit, Avo and Tanel, Kristi
Photo: One of our desserts - apple cake.
Photo: Another dessert - red currant cake.

Our tradition is to do some sport events on that day, too. Last year, it was Bejing Olympics, so we honoured the win of our discus thrower Gerd Kanter; this year, it might happen again - as exactly yesterday, the World Championships of Light Athletics started and next week, we are hoping the gold medal for Gerd again...
Our sport events were more serious this time as besides discus throwing, we also had a competition in shooting (the reason for that is very obvious - Pille's husband Avo is a hunter...). You can onlu guess who won shooting - yes, it was Avo - almost a professional shooter :). But Ragnar gave him a very good competition and it was a draw for a very long time. Discus was won by Avo as well - like last year. He seems to be very athletic... But I think everyone were happy to do some sports - most of all, the most important is the participation, not the victory!
Discus throwing:


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