Monday, June 11, 2012

What do people say to us, when they see us?

What do people say to us, when they see us, walking around with the triplets' buggy or just going somewhere with 3 boys? Here are some examples:

"I just need to ask: are they really twins?" (asked by a retired man behind the doctor's door looking at our 3 boys, all dressed the same)

"Look... triplets! They are like 3 brothers, but not in reality" (said by a boy in the Zoo)

"Oh, triplets... were they born on the same day?" (asked by a woman about my age)

"Unfortunately I have nothing to compete you with. I have only 2 kids. And no twins or triplets." (said by a man walking by)

"Is one of these triplets, 1 year older than others? It looks like he is." (asked by a woman about Ralf)

"Every time when you walk by our house, I look from the window... you are so cute. Today, I took my courage and came to ask if I can take a photo of you... I want to show it to my wife" (said by a man in our village)

"I am out of words!" (said by a man walking by)

Funny - do you really need to say anything at all?!? But I know... those are the first impressions. Maybe I would say something a bit strange, too, or stare at triplets if I didn't have my own triplets. Because honestly - before my own triplets, I had never seen any triplet buggies in my life!


Martinas Welt said... funny Karin! But you are right...triplets are not seen very often and I can not remember I have seen any others than yours! In know quite a lot of Twins, but not Triplets...

Karin said...

Thanks, Martina! I actually know 1 set of triplers (all girls) from childhood - for 4 years, I shared the kindergarten group with triplets! Our teachers couldn't make difference of them (I suppose they were identical), but for us - children -, they were all different, so we never mixed them up!

marlu said...

I have a friend with one year old triplets - now one year old. One girl and two boys.

She gets odd remarks on walks too.

Your boys are handsome!

Mumto2boys said...

The boys are growing so fast karin and are such handsome little men... I wish I lived closer so I could come cuddle them.. Anyhow you will be happy to know that my letter to you hss been started.... xx

Karin said...

Marlu - oh, you have a friend with triplets, then you know how it is with odd and remarks! :)
Glen - I'll be waiting for your letter... the photos of Jaxon are always so cute, especially when Ty is holding him!!!