Sunday, June 10, 2012

Visiting Kadri and her triplet-boys

It's very easy to become friends with other triplet-moms. You don't need to explain anything about your life. They KNOW. They live the same life. They understand you in half word.
Of course having triplets doesn't automatically mean, that you need to be friends with other triplet-moms, but it's a chance to get to know some wonderful people and I have never regretted that I have met Maris, Maarja and Kadri this way. Vice versa - we give each other the strength to go on with our lives, with a positive note.
On Friday, we drove to see Kadri and her 9-month-old triplet boys again. We hoped the weather to be good to be able to have a small picnic at Kadri's garden and a walk with our triplet prams to the harbour. The Weatherman listened to us and the day was absolutely beautiful. We all enjoyed it!
Some photos...
6 boys alltogether: 3 Kadri's and 3 mine

Taking a walk with 2 triplet buggys means that we have to use the whole car road!

Boys were curious at Kadri's garden, they found water...:

All boys in the garden playing:

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Mumto2boys said...

They are all very cute karin. Looks like the weather is getting really nice there now! xxx