Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In the Zoo

In May 20, we decided to go to the Zoo with the boys. The day looked sunny and nice - so why not show an elephant, a seal, an ice-bear and a lion to the boys? We went with our triplets-buggy, because without it, the boys would have run to 3 different directions.
I had to teach Erik how to be NOT disturbed by the attention we are getting when we go with the triplets-buggy. The tip is very easy: "Don't make eye contact with anyone and just keep on walking." This way, people usually do not have enough courage to come to touch our boys or disturb our normal day-out with the boys. Of course we got a lot of comments, but when you once accept it and don't let yourself disturbed by everyone who walks by, it is just fine.
I think the boys liked animals quite a lot. Unfortunately Tallinn Zoo is very large - area-wise - but didn't have many animals in the cages, yet. Maybe it was still too cold? But at least the boys saw most of the animals we hoped they'll see - an elephant, seal and an ice-bear. We missed a lion though.
It was a nice day. :)


Maarja said...

Kas ühel poisil on päiksekad silmade pärast? Kas arst soovitas või ise tundus, et oleks vaja?

Karin said...

Ma ostsin päiksekad ise, Stockmanni hulludelt päevadelt. Poisid kannavad neid aeg-ajalt, kuid kisuvad siiski ruttu peast ära. Loomaaias oli meil ka esialgu kõigil, aga lõpuks jäid ainult ühele. Arst pole meile päiksekatest midagi rääkinud... pole ise ka küsinud.