Sunday, September 9, 2012

Birthday - 2 years old

Summer has vanished away, and I haven't posted anything. I try to be better in Autumn!
The main event in summer was - of course boys' 2nd birthday. It's amazing those little boys have been in our family for 2 years already. Sometimes, it feels such a long period, especially in every-day routine; but when looking back - those 2 years have passed by quickly!
We haven't been to the doctor for 2-years-visit yet (we'll go on Tuesday), so we don't know how tall and heavy the boys are, but in all other things, they are normal 2-year-old-boys: they like to run, climb, play with cars, drive cars, ride their balance bikes, swing and of course, make a lot of mischief. All of them talk now quite a lot - sentences with 2 and 3 words are already normal. Fred, who is the quickest physically, but lowest in talking, has developed his language skills considerably, too, and now says words as clearly as Ralf and Sten. All in all, they are sweet boys! :)
Some photos about the birthday party:
Waiting for the guests on birthday morning -

Birthday party guests, those who had arrived in time -

Boys with their new balance bikes: a gift from grandparents and aunt -

Birthday cake -

Eating the cake and blowing the candles -


Fred with a big birthday flower -

Birthday party with other triplets - Kadri and Maris with their children -


Martinas Welt said...

Oh...what lovely pics Karin! I love thje cake!! =) Your Boys are soo cute!!

Karin said...

Thank you, dear Martina! :)

Maarja said...

Mul on nii kahju, et sel suvel teie juurde ei jõudnud.