Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer-end party

The last weekend before school starts again (which marks the start of Autumn, too - at least for the families who have schoolkids), we managed to go to Pille's place. It's a yearly tradition for some years now, but last August, we weren't able to do it because of our newborn triplets.
This time, we went there just two us - Erik and I. We have been out and travelling with the boys so much during the summer, that we decided we wanted to have one trip to friends, where we do not need to look after the kids, but just enjoy the party and take part of the sportsgames which are usually organized at Pille's place. Erik's mom looked after the kids and we could go! :)
As always, there were loads of delicious food and nice talks with our friends. The sports games weren't so active this time - only men drew the longbow and shot the target; for women it was moto-sports in schedule, but after 2 trial drives (by me and Pille), we decided it was too dangerous for us and this was cancelled. Maybe next year, we need to pick up safer sports again!
It was a lovely Saturday out in Käbiküla and hopefully, we all meet again... after some weeks already.
Some of the guests + Pille's family in front of Pille's house:

Our dinner with delicious food, wine and beer:

Marju, her son Märten and Pille's daughter Marit:

I managed to complete one circle with the motor-cycle and stayed on it till the end:

Men shooting:

Pille's new dog Peits (I think his name is written "Bates"):

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