Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Erik's work

During this Spring, we have planned and done some work at home (inside and outside) again. Recently, Erik has made two different spaces to keep things which we do not want to lay around all the time.
One of the cupboard he built to our sauna rest-room (where we also keep house-keeping things) which took quite a lot of time, but finally, it is ready and looks as this (the right photo is the finised status):
In the next photo, you can see the shelves what Erik made to our bedroom. We had a free space in one corner and for a long time, I've thought it's a good place to keep some things - either clothes, baby stuff, cosmetics, etc; because I do not use this corner for anything. I think it looks quite good and we have again more space where to put away the things which shouldn't be out all the time!

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