Thursday, June 24, 2010


The weatherman blessed us with such beautiful days during Midsummer celebrations (everyone is waiting for the forecast during Midsummer as much as during Christmas (when we hope snow), because Midsummer parties are outside parties and the rain and windy, stormy or cold weather would ruin it totally). This year, we had a quiet celebration and couldn't go to Muhu island. Luckily here, in Kiia village, we had a village bonfire with a party, where we went for a short time, too. Most of the time we spent the evening with our neighbours, quietly. And on Midsummer Day, my brother's family visited us. It was good to see my niece Lisanne again!
Photo: During Midsummer, we always have the national flag up.

Photo: In the village party, we had a snake-dancer!

Photo: Our small bonfire with neighbours

Photo: Our neighbour-boy Glen celebrating Midsummer

Photo: My brother and my niece Lisanne visiting us during Midsummer Day

Photo: My brother and Lisanne


Martinas Welt said...

Lovely photos, Karin! And a snkae-dancer?! it comes??? ;)
We are still "suffering" from rainy and cold also midsummer celebrations were cancelled...most of them :((( Boohoo.....I especially love these many bonefires along the river looks soo great!!!

Karin said...

Hi Martina,
I'm sorry you still struggle with this bad weather and even Midsummer celebrations were cancelled! :( We only have nice days this week, too, before it wasn't like summer at all! Snake-dancer is also my first experience in Midsummer! :)