Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spring in our garden - Tulips

It's time to give overview of my gardening hobby again. I can't believe it's June already - the first summer month. But let me watch back, to the Spring - when the days got longer, sunnier and warmer, and more and more Spring flowers came out from the ground and started to bloom. It's always the most special time in the year - to see colours in your garden... Last Autumn, I put quite many new tulip bulbs to the ground. They have bloomed nicely during this Spring, and this post is therefore dedicated to the tulips. I must say that I do not know the names of most of the tulips which were in my garden before 2009 - I just didn't write down the names... and some bulbs I bought from different markets which weren't labelled. But anyway, they look nice, don't they?

The very first bloomers among tulips on my garden are those 2 small tulips - red and white-red tulips - which names are unknown to me. But they make the early Spring very special:

The next bloomer is this yellow-red tulip, which I've bought from a fair and don't know the name either. All these 3 tulips grow in the south part of my garden and this is also one of the reason, why they bloom the first - they get a lot of Spring sun:

These tulips are the most expensive tulips in my garden, which I've ordered through post. They are called "Akebono" double-tulips and bloom a few weeks later than those shown above:
I love the colour of those tulips, which make a very nice composition with the nut-tree Contorta. The tulips are called triumph tulips "Pulse":

Tulip called "Pink Impression":

These are double-tulips called "Monsella":

Just a small star-like tulip, which I've got I-don't-know-where, but which is nice anyway:

The red-white tulips which bloom late, but are the oldest tulips in my garden and look very nice:
The darkest tulip in my garden, "Queen of Night":
One of my favourite tulips, double-tulip "Drumline", blooms actually right now they most beautifully (the photo is a few weeks old):
I'm not sure the name of this tulip, but it blooms right now as well:
The white tulip called "Weisse Berliner":
Another tulips which name I do not know, but which has been in my garden as long as I remember:
Tulip called "Portofino":

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