Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Last week, I became a visioner. You may wonder what do I mean. Very easy explanation: my vision is clear now. I think it's one of the loveliest dreams of a short-sighted person to wake up one morning and see everthing... perfectly! Nowadays, it's possible and I decided to do it. I decided to get my vision back. After 18 years of glasses and stronger and stronger lenses, I can finally see without them. It made me think why I waited for so long to do it. It's so good to see! It's so good to wear sunglasses! It's so good to swim and do spa-procedures without glasses. It's so good to do sports without glasses! Yes - many many advantages.
BUT are there any disadvantages? There is one, what I have thought a lot lately (when I considered whether to go through the laser operation or not). Glasses are a part of me. Glasses are somehow my "safety zone". Every week, I need to stand in front of people to give lectures for several hours. They all look at me, they all pay attention to how I look, what jokes I make, what wisdom I speak. Those people may be old and young. Men and women. Smart and not so smart. Some I see regularly, some I see the whole semester, some I meet only once. With some, I get a good atmopshere quickly, with others, it takes some more time
Glasses are always good to have when you stand in front of the auditorium. It gives you a certain "invisible" wall. You need to open up when you talk to people, but glasses help to have a bit of privacy.
Now, standing in front of class - without glasses - feels like being naked. Maybe with time, I get used to it. Maybe I start to feel comfortable. But if not, then... don't be surprised when you see me wearing glasses again, in front of auditorium. But then they are just for my safety zone, not for my clear vision! :)

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Eda said...

Lahe, Karin! Kui me kokku saame, siis tahaks kohe rohkem küsida:)