Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meeting friends

Lately, we have been quite active meeting our boys' friends. Our boys have both older and younger friends.

GLEN is our neighbour boy who we see the most. He comes to play in our house or in our garden and boys are very used to him. He's like another brother. :) He's 8 months older than our boys; still is bigger and wiser, but soon we won't notice the age difference.

MÄRTEN is another boy who our boys have met quite often. He is the son of my friend Marju and they live just 6 kms from us. Märten came to visit us during Easter. He is 1 year old, very developed for his age (started to walk at the age of 8 months) and a serious guy. I'm sure that very soon they start to play together more actively.

MÄRT and MIHKEL - they are nice boys from Pärnu, my friend Eda's two sons. Märt is 5 and Mihkel is 2,5. Just yesterday, we went to Märt's birthday. We have been travelling together during summer-time and we visit each other during birthdays.

MATHIAS, LUKAS, TOBIAS - 3 triplet boys. I have been talking to their mom Kadri since they were born, but only now we managed to meet them in reality: on Friday, we drove to visit them. They are 7 months old, so still a little bit too young for our boys to play with, but our boys were quite curious to see them and touched them very softly! :)

ERICH, HINDRIK, ASTRA - triplets, too. They were born 3 months later than our boys. I just visited them 1,5 weeks ago, but was alone (as I went to their place directly from work). Hopefully soon, they will come to visit us and play in the garden, like last summer.

LOVIISA, LISANN, KARL JOHANN - triplets, too! :) They are 3 years old living quite close to us in Laagri. Last time, we met them during their birthday, some months ago. When it gets warmer, we must meet them again!


kudumishoolik said...

Nii vahvad sõbrad teil! Ja et ka kohe ikka mitmekaupa :).

Karin said...

:) Aitäh, Meeli! Ilusat kevadet teie perele!!!

M said...

Ohoo, üks pilt on kohe väga tuttavate nägudega:))) Ja teised ka hiigla-vahvad! Tulge varsti jälle, ootame!