Monday, April 2, 2012

About Spring... hmmm I was wrong?

April is finally here! During the weekend, the boys tried gumboots and we all thought it's really time to prepare for Spring now. We have thought to put away the winter clothes and bring out spring ones. But well... April is obviously a tricky month: today morning, we woke up and saw we are back in the winter-weather. All was covered with snow.
So the boys and I took sledges out again and we had a nice ride around the village. I hope this is the last time when winter comes back! C'mon - it's APRIL!


Martinas Welt said...

It was also snowing this weekend here! Thank goodness the snow did not stay where I live, but I see it again on the hills nearby and of course there is still enough snow in the mountains to go skiing. But I really ant spring as well!
I love that pic of the boys in the boots!! =)

Karin said...

Oh, really, you had snow in Austria as well? What a comfort we weren't the only ones! :) But soon Spring must come!!!