Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A wet day

Today, we had a wet day. First - it was finally raining (good for the nature and our garden!). Second - we took the boys for a swim to a sports centre. It is NOT easy to go a place like this with triplets. I had so many things with me! Everything times three. Towels, napkins, clothes... And when I plan something like this, I need to know who will come with me and the boys, because alone, I cannot go with 3 babies... So my mom and our nanny Pille (+ her 9-years-old daughter Matilde) joined us - for each baby, we had an adult. The car was full - no free seat! :)
It was the first time for the boys to be in a pool. Yes, they knew what water is - we bath them twice a week, but it has always been very shortly (as we have 3 babies to bath) and they have never really played or swam in water. So now it was time and they enjoyed it. At first, they looked very curious and maybe a little scared - so big pools and so much water - but they got used to it quickly and later looked like small fish with a smile on their faces. :)
Going out with triplets, you realize that there is always lack of something. In the dressing-room, there were only 2 places where to put babies when an adult puts her clothes on. So we couldn't put all three babies away to wait us. In the cafe, there was only 1 child chair! So our plan to feed the babies after the swim didn't work out, it was wiser to come home. I'm now thinking - can we ever go out to eat: are there anywhere 3 nursing chairs available?

Apart from those little details, we had a lovely day out and after having 2 successful days out of home (yesterday, we went to visit another triplets-family), I think we are ready for.... ZOO! :)

PS - Peonies and irises are blooming right now... beautiful! More photos soon.

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