Monday, June 13, 2011

Container gardening

Finally I'm here to post something about my garden... I can't believe I haven't done it before... and half June - the lovely summer month - has already past! It has been a very hot and a very dry start for the summer. This has resulted short time duration of blooming of flowers which should be bloom in June - for instance, the early peony (Rubra Plena) bloomed only for a week (with cooler weather, it would have bloomed at least for 2 weeks) and the lilacs have almost finished blooming.
This year, due to lack of time, I decided NOT to do much changes in my garden. I just try to keep it in order (which isn't always a success either, having so small kids to look after 24 h). But I do my best!
However, I decided that this year, I invest to container gardening. I have wanted to do it already before, but different pots, baskets and ampels are not very cheap, and summer flowers - which bloom nicely, but last only for 1 summer - are quite expensive as well, especially when you need to buy a lot of them. But nevertheless, I decided to do it - with a thought, that next years, I have all the containers I need and only have to buy the new summer flowers.
Here are some photos of my containter gardening:


Eda said...

Väga armsad, Karin:) Ma pole sel suvel veel nii kaugele jõudnud, et lilli pottidesse panna (aga tundub, et sel aastal ei ole mul aiandusega üldse erilist suhet), peaks selle ikka varsti ette võtma, enne kui suvi läbi;)

Martinas Welt said...

Oh this really looks beautiful Karin!!! What a wonderful garden you have!

Anonymous said...

Need rippuvad raudürdid on hästi armsad! Potiümbrised on punutud, eks? Kardan, et ilmastik muudab need pika peale koledaks...
Aga konteinerlilled on tänuväärsed õitsejad, kastad ja väetad ning õieilu jagub terveks suveks.

Karin said...

Aitäh, Eda ja Meeli!
Need raudürtide potid on jah punutud. Kuna nad on mul katuseräästa all, siis loodan, et nad ei muutu väga koledaks, vähemasti esimestel aastatel, sest vihma otseselt peale ei saja ja sees on kile. Mul kaks tükki olid juba varem ja need säilisid küll ilusasti.