Saturday, June 4, 2011

10 months old :)

Today, on a lovely summer day, our boys turn 10 months old. Unbelievable...
For 10 months, I have observed my boys and finally, I can write something about their characters.


Ralf is a serious guy. He does everything with great dedication, he doesn't joke when he is into something important. When he learnt to crawl, he practiced every move regularly, until he had everything "like it's in a textbook" and then he started to crawl. He's also a cuddler. He loves when someone cuddles him and he has a very kind heart. He doesn't take toys from others and is always good to his brothers. :) He can say "Thank you". To people he knows, he can smile at once. But he is a bit conservative about people he doesn't know. He prefers to observe them first.


Fred is a joker. He never misses an opportunity - when he sees something, he goes after it. In a second. Never regrets anything - he just needs to try all fun things. I think he will be our big trouble-maker soon. :) I often find him in places he knows he shouldn't be. Fred is very sporty, very quick, full of energy. When he goes to bed, he needs to do 100 funny things before he falls asleep. He likes to tease his brothers - he needs to have all toys they are playing with. He finds it funny when he can get the toys from others' hands.


Sten is our cutie. He has probably the softest personality and most of the time, just smiles. He loves to swing on his chair and stay peaceful. He loves to communicate with people and is the emotional and intellectual boy. He is very friendly and always smiles to people. But when he is tired, then he is tired - you won't miss it. But inside, he has some strong will, too, as he doesn't let Fred to take his toys. While Ralf gives his toys away without much resistance, then Sten fights for them. He knows they belong to him as he had them first.


kudumishoolik said...

Palju, palju, palju õnne väikestele vahvatele tegelastele!

Martinas Welt said...

So cute your boys...and you are right...10 months already...can't believe how time flies!!!

Eda said...

Paar kuud veel ja ongi aasta täis:) Palju õnne!