Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Healthy and Happy

The past weeks have been a lot of fun with the triplets. Most of the time, they have been very good boys. Ralf has had some problems from time to time - as there's nothing wrong with him when he is on my lap, then I have concluded, that he just wants more of his mom's cuddles. When the boys are healthy, they are usually happy and we have a lot of laughs together. I can even say that it's easy with them (if one can say "easy" at all when there are triplets at home). They get smarter and smarter and it's really fun to observe how they develop their skills.
Ralf has the strongest body. Soon, he will be up on his legs and I'm not surprised if he will be walking by age 1. Fred is the quickest. He goes anywhere with a second. He tries to get things from higher places, too, but has not developed his skills as further as Ralf has. Sten is a bit slower than others. He can crawl and can go whenever he wants, but he is in no hurry.
Now we are waiting for Sunday - we'll leave to Muhu island then. I'm very curious how they will like it there. And how do we manage to pack all our stuff + three babies and their pushchair to the car! But we're going to make it and we are going to enjoy 2 weeks vacation for sure. I have decided to get a vacation also from everything else - my phone is dead anyway, I won't open internet and Facebook - I just rest and charge my batteries!

Ralf: Fred:



kudumishoolik said...

Vau! Ralf juba püsti? No siis ei lähe enam kaua aega, kui teisedki end jalule ajavad ning iga põnn ise suunas jooksu pistab. Nüüd peab sul küll 3 paari käsi ja jalgu olema, et marakratte ohjata :) Jõudu selleks!

Karin said...

Aitäh, Meeli - varsti läheb meil elu tõesti huvitavaks! Ei tea, kas kodust midagi järgi jääb! :)

Eda said...

Tõelised naerupallid:D Romantilist jaanipäeva ning mõnusat puhkust Muhus teile kõigile!

Karin said...

Eda - suur tänu ja teilegi toredat jaani! Kohtumiseni juulikuus! :)