Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

Today, it's Easter Friday. The day was absolutely beautiful - sunny and warm. The boys enjoyed both their morning- and day-nap in the garden. We sat on the terrace and showed the world to the boys. For them, everything is new... so they have a lot to discover!
I had this photo in mind since the day when I bought the boxes. Those boxes are actually to keep boys' clothes in their room. But I thought they would look cute in them. I waited for the right moment to take this shot, and when Easter time was geting closer, I realized it will be a perfect time. And it was perfect time - because they enjoyed sitting there very much and found it funny! :) So here they are - our 3 little Easter bunnies... we love them so much!
The rabbits, with ribbons with boys' names, are a gift from my dear Nowergian penpal Annette. The lovely Tigger t-shirts are a gift from our neighbours for boys' 6-months-birthday. Thank you, and HAPPY EASTER! :)


Martina said...

Oh Karin, what an absolute cute, funny and lovely photo!!!! I simply LOVE it!!!
Happy Easter to you, Kert, Erik and the little boys as well =)

Ülle said...

Nii armas pilt! Häid pühi Sulle ja perele!

Eda said...

Väga vahva pilt:D