Sunday, April 24, 2011

Achivement by Erik

Finally, Erik got what he deserved - after many years of dedicated photographing, he won a prize in our main nature-photo competition "Nature Year Photo 2011". I'm really proud of him - among 1850 participants and 11000 photos... to be one of the best! Amazing. I know I could never achieve something like that in my entire life.
This photo, called "Fervent Singer", won a 2nd prize in "Animals in Action" category + a special reward from Estonian Ornitology Society and the State Forest Management Centre.

I don't even remember how many early mornings this photo required... just waking up, morning my morning hoping that one day, this magical moment unrolls in front of you. And one morning, it really did - a lucky morning for Erik.


A hard life of being a photographer's wife will be awarded, too - one of the awards included a weekend away in a forest house. In summer, we'll take our kids and go...


Eda said...

Õnnitlused Erikule:D Väga energiavõimas pilt!

Karin said...

Tänud, edastan õnnesoovid Erikule!

Martinas Welt said...

Congrats to Erik! A fantastic photo and he can be very, very proud!!!!!

Maarja said...

Palju õnne Erikule minu poolt ka. Ma ka kunagi lolli peaga saatsin enda arust ilusaid pilte sinna konkursile, aga et õiget pilti saada peab vist jah päevade ja kuude kaupa (foto)jahil käima.