Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Spring has definitely arrived. The grass is getting greener, the days warmer and all snow has melted away, finally. Yesterday, I took the boys to the garden - on the grass - for the first time. I want them to get used to our big rottweiler Tony (who is very friendly, but of course there have been no 3 babies in his territory before) and vice versa. First try was successful and noone cried! :)
Today, in the morning, I noticed the first hepatica! Wow, it came unexpected! Just yesterday, I was in the garden working and I didn't see any, and today morning, it was there! This is so nice, finally the nature starts to wake up. So far, I've had only snowdrops, snowflakes and crocuses in the garden.

When the day is sunny and quiet, we go for walks. Thanks to Maris, a wonderful friend, we have a red cool pram to walk with and for the kids to look out to the world. They like it very much! Often, we ask our neighbour-boy Glen and his mom Aune to join us.

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