Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yesterday was a remarkable day in our babies' lives - finally we could all be together in the family room of the hospital! Wow, this was a special feeling... Ralf got out of intensive care already on Thursday and we had one day to get to know each other better - he has been the only baby who has enjoyed the one-on-one time with his mother. On Friday, Sten joined us, too - then, it was only Fred who was left in the intensive care... But he was strong enough to get out from there yesterday - and suddenly, we had 3 babies in our room and the VERY BUSY time has started! Triple worries, but also triple happiness! :)

We have had some visitors already, too, who have helped us to feed the babies (very hard work for them, so it takes hours to make them eat their milk - they just do not have enough muscles, yet...) - my mom helped, Erik's sister helped, Aune helped... It has been a big help, really. But during the nights, we are coping ourselves - I think today night I slept approximately 1 hour. It may take about 1 month before the babies start to eat properly, so sleepless nights will be a part of my life for some weeks. Need to get to used to them now!

Here is a picture of aunt Helen feeding baby Fred:

Those lovely flowers were brough by my colleague and good friend Marina:

Those cute Pooh-bears were given to the boys by our neighbours. Ralf owns the donkey, Fred's pet is the elephant and little Sten has the rabbit! :)


Martinas Welt said...

How lovely to read that all three boys are now out of the intensive care! What a busy life now starts for you...phew...and many sleepless nights!
The Winnie Pooh family for your princes is lovely =)))

hipigrrrl said...

Nii tore, et olete nüüd kõik koos:) Kindlasti ei ole alguses kerge, aga kui olete teineteist paremini tundma õppinud, läheb ka veidi kergemaks, ma usun. Loodan, et kojusaamine ei ole ka enam nii kaugel!

Ande said...

Nii head uudised! Rõõmustan teiega ja loodan, et peagi saate juba kõik koos koju!

Anonymous said...

pure love, Karin! <3

Ülle said...

Palju, palju õnne Sulle, Karin!