Saturday, August 21, 2010

2,5 weeks old

Originally, I planned to make this post when the boys turned 2 weeks old on Wednesday... But as I can't plan any free moments anymore, then suddenly Wednesday has turned into Saturday, and I can talk about the boys when they are 2,5 weeks old already...

We are still in the hospital, but the boys get stronger and stronger. Ralf - the 1st baby - is now a very good eater and it goes very easily for him with the milk bottle (however, he still learns how to get milk from the breast). He weighs 1938 gramms - I'm sure that after a few days he has reached the 2 kilo magical mark! Sten - the 3rd baby and the smallest - is a good eater, too. His portions are a bit smaller than Ralfs, but he eats very well. He's now 1680 gramms. And then, our boy Fred - the 2nd baby - still needs to get more appetite, but at least he is gaining weight, too, so we shouldn't worry. He is 1886 gramms.

A few days ago, national TV visited us. In the end of August, our boys will be shwon in the TV programm called "Ringvaade".

We have high hopes to get home next week already! I cannot wait it... I've got used to the life in the hospital, but of course, home is home. And I miss it... I'm sure the boys are eager to settle down at home, too, and feel secure and loved...
Boys have turned 2 weeks old:
Who is who?

Daddy feeding baby-Ralf:

Boys under the blanket which their grandma Piia made for them (she made 3, of course):
2 brothers - Ralf and Fred:


Martinas Welt said...

The boys are so adorable Karin! Thanks for sharing your photos

Karin said...

Thank you, Martina! :) I hope all is well in Austria! You will be meeting Minna soon... I wish I was in Stockholm with you, too...

*m* said...

nice to be back from holidays and see such winderful photos and read great news about your family.
today i bought something for the boys;) planning to mail it as soon as possible.

all the best for you!
lots of love

Karin said...

Hi Marta, thanks! :) You have written so many nice words about our boys... You know all the feelings while you had Gabriela - they really are a miracle for me! :) So wonderful to be a mom again... and especially for those 3little boys!

hipigrrrl said...

Poisid on nii armsad ja mul on siiralt hea meel, et nad nii tublisti kosuvad:o) Loodetavasti saate varsti koju!

(Kui juhuslikult täpsemalt teada saad, millal "Ringvaates" olete, anna märku:))

rubiadejimani said...

That's great to hear Karin! And wow, Estonian tv, uh :)
By the way, when you're getting home, I assume you'll still be getting professional help for while, no? Or will it just be you and your family?

Karin said...

Aitäh, Eda! Loodame ehk juba järgmisdel nädalal koju saada, igatsus on juba nii suur... Ega siin haiglas meiega midagi ei tehta, sama hästi võiksime kodus samasugust elu elada (v.a. igaks juhuks, et kui midagi on, siis abi kohe lähedalt siin võtta).
Ringvaates peaksime olema kas esimeses või teises hooaja saates, s.t. 30. augustil või järgmisel päeval. Tervitused teie poistele!