Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How small can a baby be?

Can you imagine how small is a 1,5 kg baby? Answer: as small as you see here, in this photo. This is Sten who weighs 1,5 kg... And he has no intensions to be weaker than his "big" brothers who weigh 300 gramms more...Fred and Ralf are now sleeping angels - since they got into their twin-bed, they are mostly sleeping peacefully and you do not hear them crying. They know they are close to each other, just like in my belly.


Martinas Welt said...

Oh so tiny...but so cute!!!

Kata said...

Vau, milline üllatus! Kolmikud!!! Palju, palju õnne teile! Ja veel rohkem jõudu ja jasku ja hulgaliselt rõõmu pisipõnnide kasvatamisel! Suur kalli ka!

Karin said...

Martina - yes, they are indeed tiny, and the normal new-born babies look like giants next to them! :)
Katrin - tore Sind blogimas näha! :) Ja aitäh õnnitluste eest!

hipigrrrl said...

Niii pisike ja nii armsakesed on kõik poisid:) Ja Sina näed super välja:)

*m* said...

they are all so cute!
lots of love to all of you.

rubiadejimani said...

<3 <3 <3
They are so adorable, and I just LOVE how you share them with us through your blog, and facebook. I am also in love with the name Sten. I might steal it :)