Thursday, July 9, 2009

Photo-hunting bears

In June 30, I and Erik went to photo-hunt bears. It was a special gift from Erik to me for my successful end of doctoral studies.
In Estonia, a very first hide to see bears has been put up this summer which is situated in the eastern part of Estonia, in the deep forest. We had to stay in the hide for the whole night. And just wait... and wonder if the bear will come or decides not to come?
Photo: The start of the trip: Erik has packed all our photo technique to one bag. HEAVY!!!
Photo: On our walk to the hide which was situated deep in the forest.
Photo: The hide looks like that. The place where bears should show up is not on the photo, but is on the left side in the middle of old trees.
Photo: Everything is ready to photograph. Now, the only thing is to wait... And we wait... and wait... until midnight when the bear decides to come. Unfortunately it's too dark and we can't get good photos. He is there also during night, but it's even too dark to see him well.
Photo: The bear comes back at 3.30 and by then, it's light enough to have at least a photo for your own memory (photographed by Erik). The bear stays there for a few minutes and it is a good impression for the rest of your life - to see a bear in wild nature...
Thank you, Erik!


Martinas Welt said...

Wow...that's amazing!!!! Were you afraid of the bear? Great photo like always!!

Karin said...

No, I was not afraid! :) I guess I'm too used to wild animals by now ;)

*m* said...

that's really amazing!
only one photo but a good one!