Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer in our garden - Vol I

Summer has arrived already weeks ago. More and more flowers are blooming, and some have already finished. One of the flowers blooming right now (and soon will end) are PEONIES. These are also called as "grandmothers' flowers" in Estonia, as they have been grown in the gardens for hunders of years and are still very popular. In my garden, there are 11 spieces of peonies, but all of them are still young. The oldest is here in my garden for 6 years, but since I re-planted it last autumn, then I got only 1 blossom this summer (peonies do not like re-planting at all and usually vegetate about 2-3 years before they start to bloom again). All other peonies are very young - four I planted last autumn (3 of them I got from my friend Kristi's mother), luckily three of them also bloomed; and the rest I planted just this spring (of which 2 were blooming).
Here they are:

This peony is called "Bowl of the Beauty" (belongs to group Paeonia lactiflora) is a Japanese type peony with carmine-pink blossoms with dense, creamy white centers consisting of many crowded, narrow petaloids. I think it's the prettiest peony among Japanese peonies.

This is my oldest peony which was here before I moved in to the house, planted by the previous owner (it was actually the only flower which had peen planter here!). It's called "Sarah Bernhardt" (among group Paeonia lactiflora, developer: Lemoine, 1906) and I like its lovely fragile light pink colour and double blossoms. I hope it is not very angry at me that I re-planted it last autumn and will give a lot of blossoms next summer.

This white double-blossoms peony is given to me by Kristi's mother and I tried to determine its name, but I'm not completely sure about it. The closest looking peony is called "Elsa Sass" which is a late bloomer and produces large, double white flowers.
This peony, received from Kristi's mother, is called "Edulis Superba", a well-known species which grows in many gardens in countryside of Estonia. It's developed by Lemon in France in 1824.

This red peony is an early bloomer and belongs to Paeonia officinalis group. The name of this peony is "Rubra Plena" and it's lower than others having lighter green leaves. It's a very old peony, at least from 17th century.

My very new peony, "Belle de Neige" produced only 2 small blossoms - I hope much more next year. It should have double-white blossoms with a few dark-red stripes inside.

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