Sunday, January 11, 2009

Making steam...

This weekend, we had our first steams in the new sauna - both on Saturday and on Sunday evening. It was so good :). We hadn't had our own sauna night for a year, so it was great to introduce the tradition again.
Erik has made everything on his own. Today, we did the final shopping and bought a cupboard to keep the towels and sauna tools such as oils, honey etc.
We are very happy with our new sauna!
You can see how the process went, this is the start: Now Erik has installed the mosaic walls:
And here we have our new sauna stove (a Finnish one - Narvi):Erik has started to install the wooden material, you can see his tools:
One of the wall is already installed and another is in the middle:
Here, Erik has already installed the ceiling as well, and is thinking about the bathhouse platform:
The bathhouse platform is of ergonomic style:
And now, everything is ready, you can see the "before" and "after" picture:
This is the "before" and "after picture in our shower room.
Our showerroom was ready already in early Autumn. The door you see in this picture goes to sauna:

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