Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas fragments

Christmas holidays are over again. Our family had wonderful time with all of our relatives and friends... Here you can see some of the moments photographed! Photo: 'Limited edition' gingerbreads - gift from our neighbours. Thank you, Aune and Andres! Photo: My little niece Lisanne celebrating her first Christmas. She doesn't know what to wait ;)

Photo: One of my dearest Christmas decorations... (a gift from Heike)

Photo: And another cute decoration... a handmade snowflake

Photo: These lovely decorations, handmade as well, are a gift from Eda.

Photo: Christmas didn't pass without Santa's visit. He had many lovely presents for us :)

Photo: And our dogs... desperately wanting their own Christmas presents. A female dog or some food :)
Photo: Some of the Christmas cards I received (thanks for all my friends remembering us!)

Photo: Our Christmas presents and 2 little girls under the Christmas tree - December 24 in Muhu island.
Photo: The only artificial Christmas tree I saw this year, but it was very beautiful (at Erik's friend's house).
Photo: Erik's grandma, Anna, Emily and Kert - watching Christmas cartoon
Photo: Anna is having fun!
Photo! Emily is having fun!
Photo: Pre-Christmas dinner at Pille's house.
Photo: While in Tallinn we are still longing for snow, it was not the case in Muhu - the photo is taken on the first days of New Year (taken by my mom)
Photo: New Year's Eve celenbrations together with Kristi, Ragnar and Eve

Photo: 2009 has just arrived. Outside in our village with our neighbours Aleandra, Aune and Andres.


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