Monday, June 16, 2008

Football - EURO 2008

European Championships in football- 07...29 June 2008
Are you watching football these days, too?
Yeah, in many homes in Europe, the evenings are booked for football during 3 weeks in June... It's the same at our home, too.
Which team do I support the most?
Don't get misleaded about my Spanish team shirt.... No, I still support HOLLAND. My "always" favourite team in European Championships... And this year, they are really strong. They have had 2 great games versus Italy and France; and I'm sure they continue with strong games in quater final and semifinal, too!

Photo: Team of Holland.

Photo: The ball...
Photo: Mascots of EURO 2008: Number 08 is a serious, controlled type, and Number 20 represents rebellious, creative type. The red and white colors symbolize the national colors of the two joint host countries, Austria and Switzerland, and their bright red, pointy hairstyles indicated that the Euro 2008 would be hold in two alpine countries.
Photo: I'm one of football fans, too :)

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*m* said...

hey! u're wearing a spanish t-shirt:D i'll see "your" Holland at the final;) get ready for my country!hehe
hehe, take care, hugs