Sunday, May 25, 2008

RUSSIA is the winner!

The winner of 2008 Eurovision Song Contest is RUSSIA! Congratulations! Dima Bilan came to win, and succeeded.
It was an interesting show which we watched together with our friends Kristi, Eve and Ragnar. Before the show started at 10 p.m, we had a Eurovision history quiz to find out who is the "Best Eurovision Expert" among us; and it turned out, that EVE is the one who knows everything about Eurovision history!
After that, we started to watch the show and to make it more interesting, each of us predicted which song is voted to which place in the end. We named our favourite songs, too, but knowing the politics of voting, we knew already beforehand, that our favourite song will not most probably win. Kristi liked Latvia, Erik liked Finland, I liked Armenia, Israel and Greece, Ragnar Sweden and we all thought Germany was good (which, in the end, came to the last place together with Poland and United Kingdom).
But we concentrated to our predictions till the end, and each of us had to say TOP 3 and also who will be the last. Kristi and I guessed Russia will be the winner of 2008; others thought it would be Sweden; but they all offered Russia the 2nd place. So we weren't much wrong at all! All of us thought Sweden is in TOP 3, which didn't come true at all. And I predicted United Kingdom to be the last one, which was right.
The European people decided the TOP 3 this year was:
Congratulations to all of them! MOSCOW is waiting!!!

Photo: Lets have some wine and Eurovision can start!

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*m* said...

:) i remembered you as i was zapping the channels and saw the eurovision. i'm not a fan but i know you are so you came to my mind.
good to know you had such a lovely time. huggies