Saturday, June 21, 2008


"Jaanipäev" ("John's Day" in English) has been celebrated for centuries in Estonia. Midsummer used to make a change in the farming year, specifically the break between the completion of spring sowing and the hard work of summer hay-making.
Nowadays, Jaanipäev is just one big open-air party... However, some of the rituals of Jaanipäev have very strong folkloric roots. The best-known Jaanik, or midsummer, ritual is the lighting of the bonfire and the jumping over it. Besides, many places it's time for folkloric dances and songs. Muhu island always has a wonderful Midsummer party! Here are some photos from the party in 2005. Photo: Erik, I and Kert and Midsummer Bonfire.
Photo: Traditional dances in the Midsummer open-air party in Muhu island. The dancers wear the national costumes of Muhu island.

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