Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is in the nicest time of the year. This year, the day was absolutely nice, too. I was able to stay in my garden the whole day - thanks to Erik and the boys who gave me a free morning. It was the best Mother's Day gift. :) I was treating all my flowers... giving them the same love I've given to my boys throughout the year.
Tulips are in full blooms right now. Forsythias as well. Narcissuses and hyacints are finishing. Early peonies and bleeding hearts are almost there. Spirae nipponica Snowmound and Grefsheim Spirea will follow together with lilacs... just lovely!
Here I am, with my 3 precious boys:
And here is my 4th precious boy, riding on a motorcycle competition on Mother's Day:
Here, you can see a cake baked for my own mom, for his 65th birthday as well as for Mother's Day (it's not made by myself; however it's a very special cake as it's something from Muhu island):


marlu said...

Thanks for the pictures of your boys (and the big one riding the bike)

The cake is unique! Love it.

Ülle said...

Toredad pildid! Kook näeb nii ilus välja ja väga andekalt tehtud!

Karin said...

Thank you, Marlu! :)
Jah, Ülle - kook oli tõeliselt tore üllatus ja maitses oooooiiii kui hästi! :)

Mumto2boys said...

Way to go with the motorbike riding Kert. Hope we went well with it. So good to see him back on his bike. x