Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In the bath

In summer-time, the triplets enjoyed water and their outside pool a lot. They could play there for several hours. Once we came back inside, we decided to bath them in our regular bath-tube, because the baby bath-tubes which we had before, seemed to be too small.
We started to bath them individually.
However, the ground of the bath was too slippery and Ralf got scared of it. We bought a cover for the ground at once, but Ralf was still scared. He decided to hate water. Every time, we bathed the boys, Ralf was screaming like crazy. Nothing helped. It lasted for 5 months. Last week, it changed. The reason: we decided to put them to the bathtube two at a time. When Ralf saw how much Sten enjoys it, he suddenly changed his opinion about water and baths. He started to laugh and enjoyed it very much! We all were very happy about it - now, Sunday evenings are once again for fun!
Ralf and Sten:

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