Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Visiting friends, hosting friends, travelling...

Summer is so busy! We visit friends, friends visit us, we travel... It's lovely! I never thought I get used to go out with my triplets and don't make a problem of going alone to somewhere with them. I thought it would take at least one more year! But our boys are brave and they are quite good in the car.

When we got back from Muhu island (lovely 2 weeks there!), we went to a trip with Eda, Andres and their kids. I was nervous - the first longer trip with the boys, being away for 2 nights... first destination, in Soomaa Rahvuspark, without electricity and running water (NB - my boys still eat milk during the nights, so I have to have hot water to fill their bottles + water to wash their bottles during the night). But we managed with it and the next night was like a paradise - in an old loghouse with all comforts, in very south of Estonia, in Karula Rahvuspark. We enjoyed it a lot! And the road back - 310 kms - wasn't that bad. When we were at home, we were really sastified - we did it! With 11-months-triplets!
Our first destination in Karusekose, near River Raudna:

The sauna-house where we stayed overnight (we slept in the attick with the boys):
All of us in the morning - our and Eda's family:

Our second destination Järvenukka in Karula Rahvuspark near River Ähijärv:

It was in the middle of the woods and we could pick both wild strawberries as well as blueberries:

This is the house where we stayed at:

On the way back, we made a stop in Tartu and let the boys out from their safety chairs, so they played in the car for a while:

When we were home again, we visited Karin and Simon who is just 1 week older than our boys. They live about 15 kms from us but we had never seen Simon, although we have talked about visiting each other for many times. Now, finally we met him and the boys had fun together.
At Simon's place in Laulasmaa:

After that, we were visited by the other triplets' family - Maarja and her kids Erich, Hindrik and Astra.
The downside of visiting each other (the triplets families) is the fact, that we can't help each other with the kids - both have hands full with our own ones! 6 babies in the house, with only 2 moms, is quite a lot! Luckily the day was very hot and beautiful and our boys spent most of the time in the pool, which gave me and Maarja some chances to talk to each other, too. We were joking, that after some time, we could have a cup of tea and a plate of cake in peace, while our 6 children play with each other... after 4-5 years or so! :) Well, I'm sure one day we get to this point, when it's finally easy with the triplets... or am I too optimistic?
We will not be bored in the coming weeks either. On Sunday, we're taking another road trip for 3 days with our neighbours. And then, it's time for PARTY.... yes, the triplets' 1st birthday is SO CLOSE now!


Eda said...

Mõnus suvi, eks:D
Ohoo, kuhu te veel reisima lähete? Usun, et seegi reis möödub sama ladusalt kui meie oma:)

Martinas Welt said...

That's great Karin and I see they really enjoy that!! =)
Do you have a lovely summer? Here we miss it is raining for weeks with only a short break of sunny days. I am on holidays now, but we are stuck to the house with the pouring rain :((((
Enjoy your summer!

Karin said...

Martina - yes, we have had a lovely summer! So many, many beautiful days and we have enjoyed it very much! I hope August brings some nice weather to Austria as well! Greetings from Estonia!